Crushers (SM)



Wednesday March 14, 21, 28




$20 for all three session

Crushers Softball is excited to present a Winter Training Camp for Softball Players!

Crushers Softball will be offering a Winter Training Camp focusing on softball fundamentals, skill development, building confidence and FUN!

The primary objective of the program is to continue growing the size and increase the level of play or our program level.   This camp will be geared towards having a fun and memorable experience.  The experienced instructors will introduce, develop and hone each players skills and confidence to take their game to the next level throughout evaluations and the season.

CRUSHERS BASEBALL development philosophy is a strong belief in building a strong fundamental base of core skills and mechanics and progressively advancing to more position specific skills and techniques, situational and strategic parts of the game.  Also introduces the concepts of fair play, fitness, competition, safety, teamwork and the importance of a positive attitude.

Players can expect to work on these important skills:

  • Warmups
  • Throwing
  • Fielding - Positional Play
  • Hitting
  • Baserunning
  • Rules & Playing the game

Instructors will be CRUSHERS Coaches with guest instructors when available

Coaches:  This is an excellent opportunity to learn and help hone your teaching/coaching skills.  The instructors are more than happy to   help “coach” the coaches and participation is encouraged

Contact: Courtney Foster at