**A message from our President**

Hello Chestermere Crushers Families:

Our league now has access to Big Al’s online training and development programs and resources for all of the Parents and Players in our League for 2020.

From Big Al:  “We are in the middle of some unpredictable and challenging times for players and their parents and we want to help you and the families across your baseball community. Scott and I have decided to provide every Little League in Canada and across the United States with free access to our online Parent 4-8 and Parent 9-12 programs and resources for the balance of 2020.”

These are the guys who took over from Al Herback and go all over the world teaching baseball fundamentals.  We are lucky to have this opportunity!

The parent programs include instructional videos of the fundamental skills that players should learn and practice at both the 4-8 year old and 9-12 year old levels. The online programs also include a Section called Practice at Home.  This section of videos includes lots of fun drills, games and challenges that you can practice at home so you can get stronger and improve your skills all season long.

There is also a section on strategy and positional play with roles and responsibilities for every player on the team in a variety of game situations.  These resources will help you and your son or daughter have fun, stay in shape and improve their skills at home over the next few weeks and all season long.

To have a quick look at what the programs include please watch the 2 short Parent Videos on the front page of www.bigalbaseball.com.
-Information Video about the Parent 4-8 online program
-Information Video about the Parent 9-12 online program

Parents, to activate your own personal membership at no cost go to www.bigalbaseball.com.
1. Click on the Membership Code button in the top right corner of the webpage.
2. Select the online Parent 4-8 or Parent 9-12 Program…or if you have kids at both age groups select the Parent Bundle and you will get access to goth parent programs.
3. To activate your program fill in the registration fields and click CONTINUE.
4. Enter your Membership Code CHEST2020 in the box and then click on the APPLY button.  (This will recalculate your membership cost to 00.00.)
5. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the CHECKOUT button.
6. You will be taken to the Login page. Go ahead and Login with your own Username and Password.  (Note: depending on your browser and computer settings you may need to enter you UN and PW twice.)
7. Please click on the link to your Parent program on the MY PROGRAMS page and enjoy!

To LOGIN the next time, please just go directly to www.bigalbaseball.com and click on the Login Button at the top right corner of the webpage and Login.

Parents and players we hope that you will take advantage of the resources and the and practice at home fun drills and challenges and keep improving your skills through the next couple of weeks and through the summer.

Should anyone want more resources or drills/activities don’t be afraid to reach out to Jeremy Thiemann , Corey Bentein   or myself president@crushersbaseball.ca.


Chris Wallin, President
Chestermere Crushers

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